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Madonna shows her documentary on Malawi

NEW YORK (AP) — Madonna's harrowing new documentary on Malawi is clearly designed to draw attention to the poverty-stricken nation's plight and help to its people. But the superstar doesn't think much about enlisting aid from the U.S. government.
"I don't know what our government does period, instead of getting us in more debt and blowing up countries," she told the audience at the Tribeca Film Festival after premiering the film "I am Because We Are" on Thursday night. The packed audience included close friend Rosie O'Donnell and Natalie Portman.
Madonna produced and narrated the film on Malawi after she traveled there, where she met the toddler David Banda, whom she took home and is in the process of adopting.
The film shows the abject poverty that children face, how the AIDS crisis is claiming lives, the deplorable conditions that cause disease and other hindrances to Malawian life. However, the film urges people to volunteer and tries to offer hope.
After the film, Madonna and director Nathan Rissman took questions from the audience — one of which was from a filmgoer who wondered what the federal government could do. Madonna replied that change should come from the people, not the government.
"It's our own job to change that and I think it's a fool's errand to rely on the government to change things."
Madonna was also asked about the difficulty in adopting children from Malawi. Her adoption of David with husband Guy Ritchie has yet to be approved, though the boy has been living with the family since the fall of 2006.
"It's a new concept, the concept of adoption, consequently it's very very time consuming," she said. "I guess if you really want to do it you have to be willing to walk through the fire."
Madonna said she is looking for a distribution deal so the film can be seen in more theaters, and hopes to get it on DVD soon: "Fingers crossed, that will be happening soon."
"I Am Because We Are," is not Madonna's only project these days — her new album "Hard Candy" is released in stores on Tuesday."

Madonna documentary premieres in NY

Madonna's documentary, I Am Because We Are, has premiered at the seventh Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
Stars such as Rosie O'Donnell, designer Donna Karan, actress Natassia Malthe and director Nathan Rissman showed up for the world premiere of the flick, about orphans in Malawi.
The pop queen herself walked the red carpet, without husband Guy Ritchie or her three children - 11-year-old Lourdes, seven-year-old Rocco, and adopted two-year-old David Banda - as crowds chanted her name.

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Street Kings

David Ayer is facing the possibility of type-casting himself. This will be his fifth screenplay in a row dealing with law enforcement corruption and he will be hard pressed to continue to pump out the same movie over and over again without adding anything new and interesting to the mix. The first of the films, the magnificent Training Day, was so brutal and original that it remains a modern day classic. Denzel Washington was perfect as the corrupt cop who fought for both the elimination of the criminal element as well as the padding of his own pocketbook. Ethan Hawke, as the wide-eyed partner who would end up being the downfall of Washington, added something that was fresh and unique to the proceedings. Unfortunately, what was once cutting edge is now cliché thanks to both the solid work of Ayer’s and the success of the television show The Shield.While Ayer has tried to add some unique touches to his plots, the stories still remain the same. In Street Kings, Keanu Reeves portrays Detective Tom Ludlow, a police officer that bears a strong resemblance to Vic Mackey from The Shield. He is a good cop, but one that will stoop to any level to seek vengeance against criminals. The movie starts off with a bang and no room to breathe as Tom hunts down men who have kidnapped twin fourteen year old girls. He bursts in on the men unaware and then brutally murders them, saving the girls’ lives in the process. Working with his commanding officer, Captain Jack Wander (Whitaker), the two cover up the brutality of the murders and make Tom look like a hero. We also meet the other members of Tom’s unit, which bear a close resemblance to the Strike Force, once again from The Shield.As you can see, my problem lies in the originality of the setup for the movie. Understand that The Shield itself is based on a true-to-life Rampart Division of the LAPD which implicated over 70 police officers with wrongdoings including being responsible for the drive-by shooting of the Notorious B.I.G. With that said, you really can’t condemn one movie for unoriginality when the events are based on a true story. By the end of the movie, I decided Street Kings was less a re-telling of the familiar story from the television series, and more of the story of someone on the outside looking in.Tom is a bad cop, in so far as he will go to any lengths to bring down the criminals. However, he is not a thief and the only people he hurts are criminals who deserve it. Throughout the movie we see people doing much worse things than Tom, but he is still the focus of attention to the Internal Affairs Division, and their lead man Captain James Biggs (Laurie). The first appearance of Biggs threw me for a loop since he introduced himself to Tom in the confines of a hospital, and I don’t think that was a coincidence. As a result, I thought of House the entire time I saw him onscreen. Luckily, Laurie proved he is more than just a television star, and delivered a fine, nuanced performance as the nemesis of Tom.The film takes a turn when it becomes apparent his ex-partner might be turning over evidence on him to I.A. When his former partner ends up dead, Tom faces a moral conflict of whether or not to allow it to be swept under the rug as most things are in his division. Members of his unit, as well as his own Captain, want things left alone but Tom can’t seem to turn his back when he knows a cop killer is on the loose. He joins up with a young detective (Evans), who knows just enough to want justice as well, in finding the men who shot down his old partner and delivering his unique form of justiceThe movie was directed extremely well. Ayer has an eye for dynamic visual shots and moves the camera with great precision while setting up some spectacular visuals throughout the movie. Known primarily as a screenwriter, Ayer is progressing well as a director and this movie looks fantastic. The music was great as well. Graeme Revell, who composed the score for The Ruins, also released this month, executed a much tighter and leveled score in Street Kings. I complained that the music in The Ruins was a little over-the-top, taking away from the scares of the movie, but here it remained in the background and worked well to set the mood.I was not sure what to expect from Keanu Reeves, but feel he executed his character well, giving him just the right touch of menace, but never feeling like he is going overboard. He gets a lot of flak for his lack of acting chops, but has provided some solid roles over his career in films such as Constantine, The Matrix and My Own Private Idaho. This is one of his more solid performances and he was not a hindrance to the story at all. His character is broken. He found out his wife was having an affair when she died, and her lover left her on a sidewalk in front of the hospital to die. He was never able to find out the name of the man, and the memory still haunts him. He is an alcoholic, seemingly suicidal man, and Reeves delivers.Chris Evans continues to impress me in his career, and while he is not always picking the best projects to put his name to, always brings it when he steps up to the plate. He was solid once again and has the charm to be a leading man one day. The same cannot be said for Jay Mohr, who was horribly miscast as a member of the task force. He comes across poorly in all the scenes he is involved in and drags down the movie. I am a fan of Mohr, but if this is as good as he gets in action flicks, he needs to stick with comedic roles.Finally, Forest Whitaker delivers another outstanding performance, but one as different as Lt. Jon Kavanaugh from The Shield as you could get. Ayer might have been tempted to cast him as the same type of character he played in The Shield, but was smart not to. Hugh Laurie was great in the role as the lead I.A. Investigator and Whitaker got the juicier role that he could only watch others play in The Shield. It was another instance where casting against type made the movie an even better experience. Add to the fact that Cedric the Entertainer was less annoying than usual and you have a winning combination.Street Kings is not something you haven’t seen before, but takes the idea in an interesting direction. The acting and direction is pretty solid throughout the film and helps it rise above the similar styled procedurals that come out every couple of months. It is not the best adaptation of James Elroy, as that would be L.A. Confidential. It is not the best David Ayer film, as that would be Training Day. However, when measured on its own standards, Street Kings works well enough as an unique take on an interesting subject and is good enough to watch on any given Saturday night.

Tom Cruise Returns to Oprah Winfrey Show

Tom Cruise is scheduled to return to “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” nearly three years after an appearance that spawned countless YouTube parodies and jokes, The Associated Press reported. The two-part show will coincide with the 25th anniversary of Mr. Cruise’s film “Risky Business.” Ms. Winfrey will interview Mr. Cruise from his home in Telluride, Colo., for the first show on May 2, her production company said. On May 5 he will appear in Ms. Winfrey’s Chicago studio. Mr. Cruise became the butt of jokes after a May 2005 appearance on her show where he repeatedly jumped on her couch, saying that his love for his girlfriend, and now wife, Katie Holmes, was “beyond cool.”

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Cameron Diaz

Born on August 30, 1972 in Long Beach, California, Cameron Diaz grew up in the typical fashion of any all-American girl. Except of course, she was an exceptional beauty. Cameron's dad, Emilio, a Cuban American, was a foreman at a California Oil Company. Her mom, Billie, who's German, English, and Native American, was an import-export broker. Cameron was raised in Long Beach alongside her sister Chimene. As she was growing up, Cameron was like most girls, listening to lots of modern music and acting wild. But by her mid-teens, Cameron began attending Hollywood parties and staying out until the wee hours of the morning. It was during this party phase of her life that Cameron ended up meeting a well connected man who would change her whole life. Jeff Dunas spotted Cameron while she was out one night and told her that he could sign her up with the Elite modeling agency. Although Cameron initially thought his proposition was somewhat fishy, she took his card and discussed it with her family and friends. After having left Long Beach and having traveled around the world due to her modeling contracts, and having appeared in such magazines as Mademoiselle and Seventeen, Cameron returned to California at age 21, and although she continued to model, she knew that she wanted more. In 1994, she decided to audition for a small bit part in the movie, The Mask starring the elastic faced Jim Carrey. Although she didn't have any acting experience whatsoever, Cameron was cast as the female lead in the film. Although Cameron was supposed to star in Mortal Kombat, for which she was required to learn martial arts, she ended up injuring her wrist and ultimately had to back out of the film. But after having received such rave reviews upon The Mask's release, Cameron set out to perfect her acting skills by steering clear of potential blockbuster hits and focused on low budget films such as The Last Supper, Feeling Minnesota which co-starred Keanu Reeves, and Head Above Water, in which she played Harvey Keitel's wife. Once Cameron felt that she had reached her acting acme, she returned to the big screen, starring in My Best Friends Wedding starring opposite Julia Roberts. It was at this time that The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) acknowledged her string of movie triumphs by naming her the ShoWest Female Star of Tomorrow. A little while after that, she hit the silver screen once again with A Life Less Ordinary starring opposite Ewan McGregor. Unfortunately, however, the movie was not well received by critics. The film that really turned Cameron into a household name was her now iconic role in There's Something About Mary, which co-starred comedian Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon. Although Cameron was dating Dillon for nearly three years, whom she met on the set of the film, the couple has recently split. More recently, Cameron starred opposite Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, with John Cusack in Being John Malkovich (in which she's hardly recognizable), and most recently, she starring in Charlie's Angels with fellow beauties Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu.





No Wedding for Anna Kournikova and Enrique

Are they? Aren't they? Tennis star Anna Kournikova and her longtime boyfriend Enrique Iglesias are always keeping us guessing. There were reports a few years back that Anna and Enrique had secretly tied the knot, but now Anna claims she'll never marry. "I'm never getting married," Anna said at the First Annual Nautica South Beach Triathalon, adding, "Everything is good." Guess some people don't need to be legal bound to each to make it work. Hey, that’s one less divorce we'll have to write about later.

Audrina Patridge Drops Talent Agency

Audrina Patridge is trying to capitalize on her nude photos scandal। E! Online is reporting that Audrina has ditched her talent agency because Lauren Conrad is getting all the attention there. She feels that she's as big a star as Lauren but she's not treated that way.She apparently left because "Lauren was getting all the big offers, all the endorsements, the appearances," a source told E! Online. "And Audrina thinks she should be just as big of a star." That Audrina is a smart girl! She knows that it's the peak of her career and she's just trying to monetize that.
Audrina Patridge is trying to capitalize on her nude photos scandal. E! Online is reporting that Audrina has ditched her talent agency because Lauren Conrad is getting all the attention there. She feels that she's as big a star as Lauren but she's not treated that way.She apparently left because "Lauren was getting all the big offers, all the endorsements, the appearances," a source told E! Online. "And Audrina thinks she should be just as big of a star." That Audrina is a smart girl! She knows that it's the peak of her career and she's just trying to monetize that.

Cameron Diaz's father Emilio Diaz, 58, died

Cameron Diaz's father Emilio Diaz, 58, died suddenly this morning from pneumonia, reports TMZ. Emilio had recently developed the flu, which turned into pneumonia. Diaz was due on set this morning for 'My Sisters Keeper,' but production on the film was shut down today.He was apparently in "terrific health" so the family is in a state of shock at this point. Our condolences go out to the Diaz family.

Don't Paris' Parents Always Approve?

In case you guys actually care, Paris Hilton's parents have given their seal of approval for her latest boyfriend Benji Madden. "This has honestly become the real thing," Kathy Hilton told Robin Leach who writes a blog for Vegas Luxe Life. "It's a great love match, and I have a funny feeling it's going to go all the way, and we've already given it our approval."It doesn't end there! Her dad loves Benji too. "He's the perfect example of 'don't judge a book by its cover.' He's polite, well mannered - even calls me sir. We love him like family already."Kathy feels like Benji has turned Paris into a better person and that this is actually the first time she might be genuinely in love.This sounds all too familiar. Doesn't it seem like Kathy Hilton says this about every guy that Paris dates more than a month? Hey we will all be celebrating if Benji makes an honest woman out of Paris.

Kristy Lee Cook Engaged

Kristy Lee Cook must have had a roller coaster day yesterday. Although she got booted from American Idol last night, she also got some good news.Us Weekly reports that her boyfriend proposed to her! Kristy says he actually did it twice. The first time was on March 17th, but they kept it on the down low so she could keep focused on the show. Then last night, he got down on his knee.Kristy says, "He owed it to me!" The two are planning on getting married in June 2009. No one knows who the mystery man is, but we're sure the tabloids will start invading his space any minute now to get a pic of him.

Lily Allen Leaks Tracks

Lily Allen only has herself to blame if there's a negative reaction over the latest leakage.Allen admitted releasing two songs via her Myspace blog Yagga Yo Thursday to give fans a sneak peek at her next CD. The British singer says the songs are still in the demo stages, but wants fans to "get an idea of my new direction."

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley may be the latest celeb with a bun in the oven. She attended the Hottest Pink Party Ever charity event last week, and Elton John was overheard congratulating her and husband Arun Nayar. She did seem to be covering a baby bump, with a loosely fitting dress resembling the styles Angelina and J. Lo sported when they were still covering up their pregnancies. In the words of Ashlee Simpson, only time will tell!

Schwarzenegger Buys 25 Acres In Santa Barbara

The governator and wife Maria Shriver have just bought some exclusive property on the California coastline. Arnold is the proud owner of 25 acres in an exclusive coastal enclave in Santa Barbara County. And it only cost them $4.7 million! The land hasn't been built on yet, and has waterfalls and canyons on the property. He's the latest to move up to Santa Barbara County, already home to Oprah and Michael Jackson.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Planning Unusual Baby Name

Celebrities and weird baby names go together like peanut butter and jelly. We were hoping fashion forward mommy Gwen Stefani and her hubby Gavin Rosedale wouldn't jump on the weirdo name bandwagon but no such luck. Gavin says, "There are some names floating around the house. We don't want anything too crazy, but compared to a name like Kingston, there's so much pressure on the poor guy or poor girl. Kingston set a pretty intense standard." Kingston is cool, Apple or Orange isn't. Let's hope for the sake of their unborn child that they steer clear of fruit names.

Megan Fox Named Sexiest Woman In the World

Transformers' hottie Megan Fox has been voted the 'sexiest woman in the world' by readers of FHM magazine.FHM editor-in-chief Anthony Noguera said: "This year, after 9.7 million votes from around the world, [the poll] has never been more authoritative."Megan Fox is a very deserving winner... From out of nowhere, she's captured the hearts - and fantasies - of British men to capture the number one slot."Fox pushed last year's winner Jessica Alba into second place. Much deserved if you ask us, just look at those eyes! Who would make the 'Sexiest Woman' list if you were in charge?

Nicole Kidman Wants To Stop Violence Against Women

Nicole Kidman might be pregnant but that's not stopping her from campaigning for what she believes in. Yesterday, the pregnant star attended a press conference the United Nations Headquarters in New York to speak about violence against women all around the world. During the conference Nicole said, "Obviously, I'm emotionally connected to this...I'm a mother. I have a child on the way. A lot of it is realizing the things that are wrong and [pondering] how can I contribute to help my children have a better life?" Nicole looked like she was very passionate about the topic while she was giving the speech. She also looked physically great! She's finally starting to show that she is actually pregnant. For a second there, we thought it might have all been a hoax.

White House to Heidi Montag

For some odd reason, plastic surgery queen Heidi Montag was invited to the White House Correspondents gala. You would think she would be psyched about getting such a prestigious invitation, but sure enough her douchebag boyfriend Spencer Pratt went ahead and messed things up for her. MSNBC had invited Montag to be a guest at its table, "Then Spencer got involved as her manager," a source told Page Six. "He demanded first-class tickets for both him and Heidi - even though he wasn't invited."When MSNBC refused, Pratt canceled Montag's appearance, claiming "It wasn't 'A-listy' enough."Right, cause you and Heidi are sooooo A-List. Montag is slowly making her way up to the D-list but Spencer is definitely at the bottom of the Z-listers.A rep for MSNBC is now denying that Montag was ever invited, saying, "We are not having, nor did we invite, any celebrities to sit at our table." Meanwhile a rep for Montag and Pratt said, "There was a scheduling conflict so they couldn't make it - but they always travel together."Who do you believe? I smell a publicity stunt.

Chandrahaas ( 2007 ) - DVDRip

Genre: Social Type: Straight Banner: PH ProductionsCast: Haranath Policherla, Krishna, Astha Singhal, Abbas, Ravi Prakash, Sana, Sarath Babu, Satya Prakash, Sujatha, Abhinaya Sri etc Crew: Music: MM KeeravaniStory, screenplay & direction: Shivashakti DuttaProducer: Haranath Policherla Release Date: 29 June 2007
STORYSivaji (Haranadh Policherla) is an archeologist and he belongs to the lineage of late emperor Chatrapati Sivaji. It is his family's ambition to get hold of Chandrahas (believed to be the sword granted by Goddess to Chatrapati Sivaji). In the process he accidentally fumbles on the sword-Chandrahas. When he brings it back home, things go wrong with his Muslim family friends. And there is also a gang of terrorists who want to destablize India and at the same time want to get hold of Chandrahas. The rest of the story is all about how Sivaji eliminates the gang of terrorists and clears the misunderstanding with the Muslim family.

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Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle-For What It's Worth finds the Comedy Central superstar in performance at San Francisco's legendary Winterland, where he's welcomed with a huge ovation. Easing into his set, Chappelle shares a few observations about the city itself, noting there's nothing tender about the Tenderloin District: "You've got people smoking crack while sitting in front of Starbucks." Chappelle's inspiration dips a bit after that, as the subject of sex with monkeys and smoking weed with Indians doesn't quite reach his usual standards. Then, suddenly, he's on top of his game again, his material like an echo of vintage Lenny Bruce as he discusses why whites drink grape juice and blacks drink "grape drink," why police harassment has led him to believe in impromptu alibis, and why the culture of celebrity should stay away from real-world issues: "Maybe Jah Rule doesn't have the answers we want in a disaster.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Cult comic actor Steve Carell--long adored for his supporting work on The Daily Show and in movies like Bruce Almighty and Anchorman--leaps into leading man status with The 40 Year-Old Virgin। There's no point describing the plot; it's about how a 40 year-old virgin named Andy (Carell) finally finds true love and gets laid. Along the way, there are very funny scenes involving being coached by his friends, speed dating, being propositioned by his female manager, and getting his chest waxed. Carell finds both humor and humanity in Andy, and the supporting cast includes some standout comic work from Paul Rudd (Clueless, The Shape of Things) and Jane Lynch (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind), as well as an unusually straight performance from Catherine Keener (Lovely & Amazing, Being John Malkovich). And yet... something about the movie misses the mark. It skirts around the topic of male sexual anxiety, mining it for easy jokes, but never really digs into anything that would make the men in the audience actually squirm--and it's a lot less funny as a result. Nonetheless, there are many great bits, and Carell deserves the chance to shine.

Half Baked Fully Baked Widescreen Edition

Cannabis comedy doesn't get more juvenile than this pro-pot goof about three stoners who come to the rescue of a fourth buddy when he's arrested for feeding a lethal dose of junk food to a diabetic police horse. Kenny (Harland Williams) is sent to jail, and to rescue him from the almost inevitable trauma of homosexual rape (giving you some idea of this movie's level of humor), his buddies set out to raise his $100,000 bail by selling high-grade weed ripped off from a pharmaceutical research lab. That's about it for the plot; the rest of the movie's a parade of marijuana jokes and amusing pot-friendly cameos by the likes of Snoop Dog, Willie Nelson, and Janeane Garofalo. As two of the bong-hitting buddies, Jim Breuer (from Saturday Night Live) and comedian Dave Chappelle do their best to disguise the movie's lack of inspiration. But no matter how hard they try to milk laughs from the one-joke premise, they can't stop the movie's title from being an apt description of the movie itself.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

Harold Lee and Kumar Patel are second-generation Americans of Oriental and Asian descent respectively. While Harold is employed as a Stock Analyst, Kumar is a medical student. Harold is the neat and clean person while Kumar is the exact opposite. Harold is in love with his neighbor, Maria, of Hispanic descent, but has not told her yet. One evening the duo plan to be stoned but Harold's Caucasian co-workers end up saddling him with their work. Kumar convinces Harold to do this work later and together they attempt to relax at their apartment. After watching TV for sometime the duo see a White Castle commercial, and decide to satisfy their hunger with burgers. They set about this task but find out that White Castle has re-located. In the process Harold gets bitten by an animal and ends up in hospital; after being discharged their car breaks down and Randy fixes it and also invites them, albeit in vain, to get intimate with his gorgeous wife, Liane; they pick up a hitch-hiker, none other than Neil Patrick Harris, and when they stop at a Gas Store, they are harassed by Caucasian/skinhead males, who also assault and damage the store; when the duo return they find that Neil and Harold's car is missing; while jay crossing Harold gets arrested by a Caucasian Police Officer, who just loves to pick on visible minorities, holds Harold in a cell with another African-American male; Kumar helps Harold escape and both run to hide in the bush - and come face to face with a cheetah....

Resurrecting The Champ French DVDRiP

Quand un journaliste sportif, Erik Kernan, dont la carrière peine à décoller, sauve un sans-abri d'une bagarre avec un groupe de petits voyous, il réalise qu'il ne s'agit pas d'un homme ordinaire mais d'un ancien champion de boxe : Bob Satterfield. Ce qui devait être la résurrection d'un grand homme devient aussi l'opportunité pour Erik de réexaminer sa propre vie, sa relation avec son fils et avec sa femme dont il est séparé depuis peu