Friday, April 25, 2008

White House to Heidi Montag

For some odd reason, plastic surgery queen Heidi Montag was invited to the White House Correspondents gala. You would think she would be psyched about getting such a prestigious invitation, but sure enough her douchebag boyfriend Spencer Pratt went ahead and messed things up for her. MSNBC had invited Montag to be a guest at its table, "Then Spencer got involved as her manager," a source told Page Six. "He demanded first-class tickets for both him and Heidi - even though he wasn't invited."When MSNBC refused, Pratt canceled Montag's appearance, claiming "It wasn't 'A-listy' enough."Right, cause you and Heidi are sooooo A-List. Montag is slowly making her way up to the D-list but Spencer is definitely at the bottom of the Z-listers.A rep for MSNBC is now denying that Montag was ever invited, saying, "We are not having, nor did we invite, any celebrities to sit at our table." Meanwhile a rep for Montag and Pratt said, "There was a scheduling conflict so they couldn't make it - but they always travel together."Who do you believe? I smell a publicity stunt.