Friday, August 8, 2008

Bollywood Actress Arrested Over 'Bizarre Love Triange' Murder

Oh my!
Bollywood actress MARIA MONICA SUSAIRAJ and her boyfriend have been arrested on suspicion of murder.
Susairaj, 27, and lover Jero Mathew, 25, were arrested in Kochi, India on Wednesday (21May08).
Police allege Mathew killed 27-year-old Neeraj Grower because he suspected he was having an affair with Susairaj. Grower went missing on 7 May (08). His partly-burned remains were found in a jungle days later.
It is believed his head has been decapitated and the remainder of his body was sliced into pieces.
Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Rakesh Maria says, "The murder was fall-out of a love triangle.
"The couple chopped the body into pieces, replaced the blood-stained pieces of cloth and packed the body into the bags.