Friday, August 8, 2008

.Pete Wentz , Ashlee Simpson Honeymooning In Basement

Newlyweds PETE WENTZ and ASHLEE SIMPSON are 'honeymooning' in a secret basement location, in an effort to avoid the paparazzi.
The couple wed in Encino, California on Saturday (17May08) and told friends and family they'd be heading off on vacation in a bid to "scramble" the media.
But instead, the couple is getting used to being Mr and Mrs. Wentz in Los Angeles. Wentz reveals, "We're in the basement of the house. We wanted everybody to think we were going on a honeymoon... We've got some blow-up palm trees down here... a little fake and bake tanning booth.
"It's gonna look like we went on a private jet somewhere and we're gonna save that $30,000.
"We're eating DiGiorno's pizza, getting into that tanning bed every once in a while, it's great."
Wentz and Simpson decided to try and fool everyone over their honeymoon when so many details of their wedding plans were leaked to the press.
The Fall Out Boy star says, "You can't trust anyone; people were letting out all kinds of details - we had a plan that we wanted to do it in San Diego and it completely got out so we had to do it in the most secure place that we could do it."