Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sarah Darling - New Face - 1

Don’t be surprised when you meet Sarah Darling if she shows up in a Betsey Johnson dress and a pair of mud waders. Or Jimmy Choo high heels and a baseball cap.
It’s just Sarah’s kaleidoscopic personality shining through.
She’s a farm girl in florals, a riverbank girl with a poet’s soul, a deeply introspective writer with a childlike curiosity.
And a sophistication and maturity in her songs far beyond her 25 years.
Sarah was born in Des Moines and was raised in small-town Iowa, an only child who still remains very close to her family, especially her grandparents.
When a romantic relationship hit the rocks, it was Sarah’s grandmother who often got the late-night distress calls.
And it was Sarah’s grandfather who first turned her on to country music. "My grandfather used to take me to church with him every Sunday morning, and we would listen to country radio," she says. "Somehow country music always felt like home to me.
Even now, miles away, it still reminds me of what I love and miss most."