Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sarah Darling - New Face - 3

n 2003, Sarah auditioned for an E Network reality show called "The Entertainer," hosted by veteran Vegas showman Wayne Newton. Much to her shock
she was chosen as one of the 10 finalists.
She spent the next eight weeks living in the Las Vegas Hilton with the other contestants, singing classic crooner songs on the program
and vying for a million-dollar performing contract.
"I didn’t win, but I finished in the top three," Sarah says now, "and
it was one of the best experiences of my life. It helped my performing so much.
They would throw unexpected things at us each week. One night they planted hecklers in the audience to see how we’d handle them.
Another time they gave us 30 minutes to put together a complete concert. Wayne Newton took me aside one day and told me I was his favorite singer on the show -- but he said I didn’t belong in Las Vegas.
He told me I should go back to Nashville and work on my own songs. Being on that show made me realize what I really wanted to do with my life -- write music and be an artist. I came back to Nashville and spent the next three years just writing songs, playing out in clubs, and doing shows."