Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sarah Darling - New Face - 5

From the moment Black River first saw Sarah in a showcase
the label knew it had discovered someone special. Jimmy Nichols’ experience as an A-list studio keyboardist (and Faith Hill’s band leader) gave him a unique perspective on talent.
But more importantly, signing with the label was like coming home for Sarah.
"Black River seemed like family to me right away, and I’d never felt that before in Nashville," she explains. "Then when Jimmy
and I went into the studio to start recording my album, it was almost magical.
He has such an amazing ear, and I learned so much working with him.
Jimmy pushed me to the next level as an artist, and showed me it’s not how pretty you can sing, it’s what you feel inside when you sing. And how you make other people feel when they listen to you.
He truly brought out the best in each of the songs. The whole process was unbelievable for me."