Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sarah Darling - New Face - 6

Sarah’s debut CD, titled Every Monday Morning, features her collaborations with some of Nashville’s best songwriters: David Malloy, Marc Beeson, Kim Tribble, Marty Dodson and Jeff Dayton.
It also includes a song she co-wrote with former Ambrosia lead singer David Pack.
It’s a stunning project, showcasing her breathtaking artistry as both a writer and vocalist.
The title of the album comes from Sarah’s regular rain-or-shine Monday morning writing sessions with Jeff Dayton, and each of the songs reflects a very personal side of her life.
"I do have very different sides to me
and my co-writers have to adjust," she laughs. "I can show up for a writing session and come up with a fun, light-hearted song that’s very girly, then turn around and write a deep, serious ‘old-soul song’ full of my own personal emotion.
I think we’ve all been through experiences in life where we get our hearts broken or are afraid to trust, and I’ve learned it’s okay to write about these in a song."